Our mission is to provide excellence in guidance in the areas of hospitality, human resources and guest services. We support both owners and operators through our translucent credo of acting with integrity and respect for our clients and their businesses. Budge & Co, LLC delivers superior direction to our clients.
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Gary Budge Gary Budge
Principal at Budge & Co, LLC
Hospitality Consultant
Joanne Budge Joanne Budge
Principal at Budge & Co, LLC
Hospitality Consultant

Service & Talent Offering

A career spanning 40 years as a hospitality professional involved in independent & branded product gives Gary Budge the foundation to provide clients with depth of knowledge in:

  • Contemporary Solutions Adding Value to Your Business
  • Advising and Consulting Services including Hotel & Restaurant Inspections
  • Support of Acquisition and Transition Activity
  • Asset Management & Development Related Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Developing a Collaborative Perspective on Your Business Needs
  • Short Term On Site Leadership Services

Hotel Inspections

A 2/3 day measurement of the hotel or event facility operating team’s acumen, engagement and execution of basic industry systems and procedures including property specific standard operating procedures and or brand specific standard operating procedures. This evaluation will cover the disciplines including:
  • Maintenance & Engineering
  • Housekeeping & Laundry Services
  • Front Office & Front Services
  • Human Resources
  • Food & Beverage
  • Banqueting & Catering
  • Overall Sales Operations
  • Amenity Services
This assessment can be completed for any size property and hospitality type business. For more complex operations and assets a deeper dive into subject specific areas may be recommended.

Acquisition & Transition Services

  • Providing on site leadership through a transition period
  • Supporting pre and post acquisition due diligence
  • Preparation of transition timelines and checklists
  • Provide evaluation of existing on site leadership
  • Evaluation of service options for non-branded (independent) hotels

Asset Management & Development Services

  • Supporting the development of strategic plans, budgets, ROI and capital improvement opportunities
  • Assisting in the evaluation of third party management selection as well as brand selection
  • Review of supplemental amenity lease agreements and technical service agreements
  • Support the product re-positioning and re-structuring of the asset to include review of labor force, job descriptions, and productivity benchmarks

Strategic Intent

Budge & Co, LLC is an owner, investor and manager’s solution for discovering hidden value in an existing asset and in providing visionary clarity in a property under development. With the volatility of today’s economic cycles and over 40 years of experience and expertise in the luxury, upper-upscale, upscale and mid-priced segments of lodging operations along with a depth of knowledge of volume related food & beverage, we are able to identify the course of improved performance in the areas of:
  • Revenue Enhancement
  • Market Share Growth
  • Profitability
  • Guest Satisfaction
  • Associate Satisfaction
Budge & Co solutions are derived from fact finding, analysis and assessment, working collaboratively with the team at hand, actively observing and listening. The ideas generated are intended to move the asset forward rather than to rest upon historical successes. Hospitality is a guest driven business, it is dynamic and constantly changing. Budge & Co works to provide guest experiences which are different, unique and special through evolution and change.


The most successful relationship between client and consultant is one which interacts over the course of time. The interaction allows the business to stay current with emerging trends, applications and services in order to position the business in the most enviable space.

Why select Budge & Co.?

  1. INDEPENDENT - There is no other agenda other than to help your business to succeed.
  2. CREATIVE - Not bound by past notions, providing a fresh perspective on your business
  3. EXPERIENCED - For over 40 years I have done it, taught it and have a track record of successes to validate it
  4. PAID A FEE - Together we establish a fiduciary, arm’s length, value based relationship
  5. TOUGH DECISIONS - I am the guy who makes the discoveries and takes the heat, allowing the operator to maintain peace and alignment in the family

    This experience, knowledge and motivation all contribute to the short and long term success of your business asset Budge & Co adds value to your business.

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Our mission is to provide excellence in guidance in
the areas of hospitality, human resources and
guest services.

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